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Outside a small village in the Czech Republic stands this energy saving timber clad home by ASGK Design. The original idea from this home came from the client’s son who imagined the family’s home facing a large oak tree on their spacious land. rsz_untitled2 The wooden cladding on the outside of this home used a “burn and stain” technique in order to make the wood longer lasting against weathering. Not only is the exterior laced in wood but so is the interior. The interior is decorated with dark and light tones of wood for the floors, walls and ceiling. The ceiling and walls are mainly plywood which is when thin layers of wood veneer are glued together with adjacent layers making them strong and thin. rsz_untitled3 rsz2 This open planned home consists of a dining lounge, garden, kitchen, patio, stairs, loft, bathroom, office and bedrooms. The kitchen is connected to the bathroom, large dining area and would be a perfect location to host guests as it is very spacious. Large wooden sliding doors connect the patio to the dining room and kitchen and are a way to open the home to the surrounding nature. rsz_33 Upstairs leads to the two bedrooms on opposite wings of this home which overlook the beautiful scenery. A small office area is also situated on the second level of this home as it peaceful and calm unlike the busy kitchen down below. rsz1 rsz_1untitled2 Although the home seems small it is very compact with everything the family may need. Including their own energy source. The roof is angled in a way to obtain maximum amounts of solar energy. Not only is it important to use solar energy but to also conserve it, this energy sufficient home was built in a way that the walls would keep moisture out and heat in so that less energy would be used to heat the home. rsz3 For more information please go to www.asgk.cz

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” – Gary Snyder


It’s just another usual day in sun-kissed Monaco, where the super-rich cruise down the boulevard in their high end luxury sports cars and waiting along side them, their gigantic yachts docked in the harbor. But there is a new arrival to this hot spot of global wealth, thanks to Monaco architect Alexandre Giraldi, The anticipated Odeon Tower. Tour Odéon is the first new skyscraper to have been built in Monaco since the 1980s. fee It is ranked as one of the tallest residential towers in Europe at 170 meters and if that wasn’t enough, it’s topped with the most expensive penthouse in the entire world. The luxury “Sky Penthouse” will cost a staggering 332 million for its new owners. Untitled-5 Twenty six of the two hundred and fifty apartments have already been snapped up, while buyers of the upper duplexes and magnificent penthouse are expected to be Russian. The Penthouse is worth every cent as the view is astonishing overlooking events such as  the Monaco Yacht Show, which unfolds a ten minute drive away in Port Hercules. Untitled-2 Untitled-7 Untitled-4 For those who have it all, the Odeon Tower has just little bit more. The penthouse has its own cinema, sauna, gym, library,  bar plus a master bedroom the size of two and a half tennis courts , spread over 35,500 sq. ft. It also has a slide which descends from the balcony into the private infinity pool making it a millionaire’s playground. On top of all that, the building will offer its residents a private chauffeur and a 24/7 concierge service. Untitled-3 Untitled-6 The tables are upholstered with the skin of stingrays and the luxury handcrafted floors are by Ebony and Co. On the rooftop of the Odeon, hot tubs will bubble away next to the trickling waterfalls. At night the atmosphere is transformed from relaxation by the pool to fun energetic vibes in your own nightclub, complete with a marble dance floor.

Below is a conceptual walk through, illustrating the luxury of the Odeon Penthouse.

For more information go designboom.com

‘Luxury is in each detail’ – Hubert De Givenchy
World of Ebony and Co | Focus | January 2015

| FOCUS | The Wine Cellar

Welcome to the 16th edition of | Focus |, a photographic journal of innovative designs, combining wood with an emphasis on architecture, interior design and fashion.

This month  | Focus | features ‘The Wine Cellar’

World of Ebony and Co | Focus | January 2015

Whether to celebrate or unwind, red or white, wine has been at the central part of our social lives for centuries. Both designers and architects have now realised this and would consider the wine cellar to be one of the main focal points of the home. Of course in order to maintain optimum temperature, humidity and light levels for your wine, a wine cellar is simply a must have. This luxury is not solely for its functionality purposes, keeping in mind that wine is a perishable good that can spoil, but also for the beautiful aesthetics the wine cellar’s characteristics can bring to any home.

Ornate wood and stone are common traditional materials, while metal and glass finishes are more on trend. You can embrace the Italian culture with mosaic tile murals, barrel ceilings and archways, or you can go down the modern route with sleek lines and minimal decorative displays. Regardless of your style and personal taste, be sure all your materials, furniture and decorative accessories support each other; a mismatched space can lead to decor confusion and an incoherent, incomplete room.

There are many styles that one can adapt for their wine cellar; it is an opportunity to explore different designs whilst ensuring that your glass of vino will be top notch.

PS_winecellars2 PS_winecellars8 World of Ebony and Co | Focus | January 2015 PS_winecellars3 PS_winecellars5 PS_winecellars4 PS_backup_highres_1 Hardwood_Flooring_American_Walnut_Espresso_Brown_Extramatt_Poly_1 Hardwood_Flooring_American_Walnut_Espresso_Brown_Extramatt_Poly_2

Next month  | Focus | features the ‘The Door’

World of Ebony and Co |January 2015

Cassell House

World of Ebony and Co |January 2015

Cassell House is a boutique 500 sqm new home built by Melbourne based architecture firm b.e. architecture on a corner block in South Yarra, Melbourne. The house was built in place of an attached Edwardian row house and set amongst homes of a similar vintage. It was designed to be in accordance with the period, however, it does not resemble any particular style, whilst remaining strikingly contemporary.

The limited material palate of natural and aged materials such as travertine, rusticated timber, concrete & steel work together to create the perception that the building could well have been standing in its place unchanged since the 1930s. In order to achieve this aged look, the architects added weathered timber window shutters and entrance gates to help it fit in with its Edwardian neighbours.

The house builds on some of the ideas of 57 Tivoli Road and has been compared to the project on a basalt-clad house the studio completed in 2010. You can see here that the facade is clad in beautiful banded silver travertine marble. The deep formations in the travertine walls of the first floor façade gives the illusion that the buidling is a singular and massive stone edifice and in doing so provides shade and shelter for the western windows while also protecting the occupant from the nearby main road.

B.E. Architecture sourced the stone from opposite sides of the same quarry to create the two-tone effect in order to achieve a varied traditional pattern which creates this unique, modern home. EbonyandCo_CassellHouse_12 EbonyandCo_CassellHouse_1 EbonyandCo_CassellHouse_3 EbonyandCo_CassellHouse_14 EbonyandCo_CassellHouse_15 EbonyandCo_CassellHouse_5 World of Ebony and Co |January 2015

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World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14

Spacious Home by Milimeter Interior Design

World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14

Milimeter Interior Design realised that one of the major shortcomings of houses in Hong Kong is the amount of limited space available, housing a population of 7.6 million people in a condensed 426 sq. mile area is certainly not an easy task and can become very cosy. A modern apartment or house in Hong Kong that feels like it has the slightest bit of roominess is considered a great luxury due to houses normally feeling so cramped and over crowded. The layout of split level houses can normally often divide the home into several distinct areas that make it hard to connect spaces together while also making it particularly difficult for its occupants to use effectively.

Milimeter Interior Design have completely reconstructed a 455 sq. meter split level home in the Sai Kung district of Hong Kong and have been able to enhance a sense of space between the different levels. They have been able to create a distinct fluidity throughout the house no matter where you are, by using glass and brushed steel in the main common area’s, garage and staircase. The cleverly sunken-in glass kitchen and elevating dining table also add to this smart spacious design.

World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14 World of Ebony and Co | Milimeter Interior Design | December 14

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