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Since 1908 some of the most prestigious hand crafted boats have been created by Hacker-Craft, located in America. Every Hacker-Craft boat is repeatedly sanded and varnished until it meets their high-quality standards of perfection. A bespoke wooden classic by Hacker-Craft would be the luxurious Sterling, Mahogany Hull. rsz_sterling The Sterling Mahogany Hull’s features range from floor vents, cover boards, red leather interiors, stylized hardware, dashboard instrumentation, 25 feet and 6 inches in length with a 6.2L Ilmor OPS engine. rsz_racer-gallery5-2z4fd0nbi8gh4sy8n8jgu8 The overall look of this high-speed boat is sleek and sophisticated due to its stylish steel bow and glossed Mahogany finish that glides across the water’s surface with ease. Its lush red leather seating contrasts with the beautiful mahogany wood that is used to create the shell of the boat.  rsz_racer-gallery2-2z4fczrnm6q5ogq4y68vls rsz_racer-gallery4-2z4fd0e9tne3kpghvi65mo Each Hacker-Craft boat can be custom tailored to the client’s needs and wishes or can be completely custom built for only them. rsz_sterling3 The Sterling got its name due to its mechanics by the Sterling Engine Company although this boat is named specifically after the Sterling company they still use their engines in many of their other boats such as the 1914 Gold Cup Racer. rsz_sterling4 rsz_sterling-flag For more information please go to www.hackerboat.com

“Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, It’s so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what’s important and what’s not” – James Taylor




Venice is known for its iconic architecture, gondolas and history. The story of Venice begins in the 5th century A.D. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Barbarians from the north were raiding Rome’s former territories. In order to escape these raids, the Venetian population on the mainland escaped to the nearby marshes, and found refuge on the sandy islands of Torcello, Lesolo and Malamocco. Although the settlements were initially meant to be temporary, the Venetians slowly inhabited the islands permanently. 4 copy This uniquely beautiful city, sometimes known as the ‘Floating City’, is made up of 118 small islands. They are all linked by canals and many cross-over bridges. The city of Venice was built on vertical wooden logs implanted in the sea. Once the platform was in place, they then started to develop architecturally and grow economically. 5 copy You may be thinking  “how was the wood sourced, when the city is built surrounded by water?”. All their wood was imported via boat from places such as Slovenia and Croatia. 3 copy The buildings have a Gothic look due to the period they were constructed in. This architectural trend originated from mainland Italy during the 5th century. 2 copy1 The Grand Canal is the main mode of transport in Venice when there are no accessible bridges. The people travel by gondolas, motorized boat buses and private water taxi’s along the route. The canals are entwined through the city  and require over 400 bridges to facilitate the public. In average the canal is 5 meters in depth and is 3.8 km in length.

It is lined with approximately 170 historical and Gothic styled buildings. Venice is now one of Europe’s top travel destinations but this won’t last forever as it is said to be a vanishing location due to  rising water levels, as an effect of climate change worldwide.

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“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien