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Originality is defined as having the ability to think independently and creatively which Andrew and Ryan Beltran the founders of the Original Grain have done with their beautiful collection of handcrafted wooden watches. Every watch is handcrafted from a selection of sustainably sourced exotic hardwood.  rsz_s02_wrist_classic_maple_black_steel_8642 The watch range is inspired by its roots in the Pacific Northwest as all the watches keep their wooden characteristics. The different types of wood used are rosewood, Burl, Sapele, Maple, Zebrawood and Ebony. rsz_jim-beam-x-original-grain-bourbon-oak-barrel-wood-watch-the-dapifer-5 The top three favourites are; The Classic, Alterra Chrono and The Barrel. Each watch is made of the finest natural wood and is sometimes matched with other materials such as steel. rsz_original_grain_jim_beam_9 rsz_jim-beam-original-grain-watch-3 The Classic is handcrafted using Rosewood and Chrome, it is decorated with roman numerals and the Original Grain logo. It has hardened mineral crystal glass which is scratch resistant, stainless steel butterfly clasp and a water-resistant case. rsz_rosewood_classic_wrist Alterra Chrono is composed of Burl Wood and silver. It has many features such as two function chronographs, stop watch, luminescent hands and has a Sapphire glass face. rsz_p06_161019_chrono_wrist_0129 The Barrel is matte black with touches of brown Sapele wood but also comes in a selection of other styles. It has many features which range from its Matte black stainless steel, water-resistant, Japanese Miyota Quartz movement and mineral crystal glass which is scratch resistant. rsz_s03_wrist_barrel_sapele_black_steel_8710_f815281a-a564-4595-be0c-e24f9a23aa80 The Original Grain have created a unique time piece for every occasion in different styles and designs for their clients. And while doing this they have also given back tremendously to the environment. For every watch sold ten trees are planted which generates more jobs and greenery that are cherished around the world. rsz_headtft For more information please go to originalgrain.com

“Let originality define you” – Original Grain