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The Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge is located in Okavango Delta in Botswana and is a magnificent piece of design by UK based architects Michaelis Boyd and Nichola Plewman architects. Its curvy wooden shape is designed to form a rare native armadillo, the Pangolin. rsz_portada_sandibe_dook_018 In the surrounding areas are the sandy Botswana’s desert plains and thickly wooded vegetation filled with animals such as herds of antelope and a glimpse of other wild animals in their natural habitat. rsz_main_area_ground_floor_plan_copy This beautiful lodge is spread over 11,500 SQF and is built with materials that are biodegradable due to the Okavango Delta being declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only is it built with biodegradable materials but it is also run on solar power and other renewable energy sources. rsz_sandibe_dook_007 rsz_sandibe_dook_004 The exterior of this lodge is detailed with shingles on the roof to replicate the scales of the native Pangolin. This detail gives a more creative touch to the overall design. rsz_sandibe_dook_099 The interior of this structure is composed of curved beams which give the look of the armadillo’s ribs. The structure opens at the sides to allow light and to reveal beautiful views of the surrounding areas. rsz_sandibe_dook_005 90% of the project consists of multiple types of wood for different purposes. The roof is shingled in cedar wood from Canada due to its quality while the walls are laced with South African pine. rsz_sandibe_dook_102 The flooring of this lodge is decked out with Brazilian hardwood and Australian eucalyptus as they require little or no maintenance and are very durable for everyday life. In bungalows Zambian hardwood is used for sink vanities and was recycled from the previous lodge that was on site before Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge was reconstructed. rsz_sandibe_dook_066 rsz_sandibe_dook_010 rsz_sandibe_dook_009 For more information please go to www.expertafrica.com

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness” – John Muir


These premises were built originally in 1961 on Lake Placid, New York and were later renovated in 1980 but was unfortunately closed for numerous years. Branding agency Tag Collective teamed up with architects Mapos and transformed this old fashioned hotel for its reopening.  rsz_2265555_orig The location the hotel is situated is surrounded by forests, a lake and hiking trails which are visitor friendly for all guests, including dogs which are warmly welcomed. The Hotel was renamed the Lake House due to its cozy cabin like feel. It has 44 rooms which are all completed with patio or balcony to enjoy the iconic Lake Placid views.  rsz_ext_2 Tag Collective conducted an intensive re-branding  which led to an overall theme for the Lake House. They took inspiration from the natural elements surrounding the vicinity such as the local trails. Each room is named after one of the area’s 46 High Peaks. Tag Collective designed a custom postcard that gives the history of that particular peak for each individual room.  rsz_destin-lake-house-tag-collective-1 Another aspect of branding that Tag Collective created was a colour and design theme throughout the hotel and online. The theme of wood can be seen throughout the hotel along with the colour rustic red which give’s a warming and modern feel.
rsz_lake-house-at-high-peaks-resort-lake-placid-021-76836-960x480 rsz_unique-lapin-photography-lake-placid-11 Rental equipment is available for outdoor activities at the hotel but if that isn’t for you the Lake House has a indoor and outdoor pool as well as a hot tub for relaxation or visit the bar and take in the breathtaking views from the comfort of the indoors.  rsz_o For more information please go to www.highpeaksresort.com

“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.” – John Burroughs


Long Beach, also known as Koh Lanta Yai, is located in Phi Phi Leh and is known as one of the top holiday destinations in the world. This beach has the softest and finest white sand as well as magnificent scenery and crystal clear waters along its shores. Untitled-3 Long Beach is far enough from civilization for peace and quiet but close enough to Tonsai Village where you can get essentials, wine and dine, explore or visit the lively nightlife. Tonsai Village is no more than a five minute boat ride but can be walked during the day time. The walk consists of wild jungle trails as well as climbing over rocks, so this location would be ideal for the adventurous type of holiday goer. Untitled-5 Untitled-4 Accommodation consists of bungalows which range from basic to luxurious grades of living which meet all budgets. Although you may get different accommodation, everyone has the luxury of the beach just footsteps away from their door. Untitled-8 Many activities happen on the beach. For example, snorkeling would be one of the  Long Beach’s main attractions as the location has an array of exotic sea life from a long list of tropical fish to black tip reef sharks which are located approximately 200m from the beach at Shark Point. Shark Point is clearly identified by a large rock that breaks the surface of the water giving it the look of a surfacing shark fin. Untitled-6 At this location you will discover all sizes of black tip reef sharks from 40cm to 1.2m swimming around the reef. These sharks are not as dangerous as the Great White. Untitled-2 As well as snorkeling, kayaking is a popular attraction for visitors as there are several small beaches to explore in distance of Long Island. A little further away is Ao Poh, which also has lots of underwater sea life and open space for kayaking. Untitled-7 Thai massage facilities, a bar and volleyball nets are set up for it’s visitors all along the beach which really brings all the visitors together to get to know each other. Behind Long Island there is a short trail that leads you to Loh Moodee Beach in less than 12 minutes, these beaches are very quiet and tranquil and would be great for relaxing on.

For more information please go to www.phiphi.phuket.com

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta



This floating hotel design has raised the bar for luxury stays as this relaxing, tranquil escape is one of a kind and like no other on the market. It intertwines privacy with community and nature with mechanics, why have one option when you can have it all. a Upon arrival guests are greeted at the central pod located at the shore, where they check in before they make their way to their private quarters on the docks. Within the main compound there is a reception area, restaurant, café,  and a function hall. 4 This versatile hotel allows guests to become a lot more independent than other hotels by allowing them to maneuver their motorized accommodation to wherever they wish. c These exclusive portable apartments give the guests a option to make themselves isolated from the main floating pod giving them some privacy during their stay. Although they are detached they can always reattach to the main pod in order to take advantage of it’s many facilities and community gatherings that occur on a regular basis. 3 2 Each pod has a hall with plenty of storage space, galley, bathroom and sleeping quarters which accommodate up to four guests. The vessels have two adequate sized outdoor areas, the platform and flying bridge which allow the residence to go swimming in the lake, sunbathe and fish from the comfort of their private floating apartment. 1 The design company Salt & Water specialises in interior and exterior yacht designs as well as commercial and residential architecture. They are a team of professionals with a passion for innovative design, and have won the Millennium Yacht Design Award. b For more information go to SaltandWater.rs

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci