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The Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge is located in Okavango Delta in Botswana and is a magnificent piece of design by UK based architects Michaelis Boyd and Nichola Plewman architects. Its curvy wooden shape is designed to form a rare native armadillo, the Pangolin. rsz_portada_sandibe_dook_018 In the surrounding areas are the sandy Botswana’s desert plains and thickly wooded vegetation filled with animals such as herds of antelope and a glimpse of other wild animals in their natural habitat. rsz_main_area_ground_floor_plan_copy This beautiful lodge is spread over 11,500 SQF and is built with materials that are biodegradable due to the Okavango Delta being declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only is it built with biodegradable materials but it is also run on solar power and other renewable energy sources. rsz_sandibe_dook_007 rsz_sandibe_dook_004 The exterior of this lodge is detailed with shingles on the roof to replicate the scales of the native Pangolin. This detail gives a more creative touch to the overall design. rsz_sandibe_dook_099 The interior of this structure is composed of curved beams which give the look of the armadillo’s ribs. The structure opens at the sides to allow light and to reveal beautiful views of the surrounding areas. rsz_sandibe_dook_005 90% of the project consists of multiple types of wood for different purposes. The roof is shingled in cedar wood from Canada due to its quality while the walls are laced with South African pine. rsz_sandibe_dook_102 The flooring of this lodge is decked out with Brazilian hardwood and Australian eucalyptus as they require little or no maintenance and are very durable for everyday life. In bungalows Zambian hardwood is used for sink vanities and was recycled from the previous lodge that was on site before Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge was reconstructed. rsz_sandibe_dook_066 rsz_sandibe_dook_010 rsz_sandibe_dook_009 For more information please go to www.expertafrica.com

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness” – John Muir


Architectural designer Ferris Rafauli has created this luxurious home in Toronto which is worth 34.2 Million euro (50 million Canadian dollars) for one of his elite clientele. Ferris is responsible for the lavish interiors as well as the layout of the home which includes indoor theatres, pools, master ensuites, walk in wardrobes and more. rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_05 The living room has warm tones such as browns, creams and some grey which is a colour pattern seen throughout this home. The chocolate brown velvet sofas give us a cosy feel as they surround a large open fireplace. The room is filled with natural light from its three French doors which can be opened to let in crisp fresh air. No aspect was missed when designing this living room as the intricate roof is also an amazing feature of this home. rsz_1rafauli-toronto-house-tour_01 The second floor overlooks onto another living room which has 25 foot walls and windows that have a beautiful view of the Lake Ontario. Hanging from the roof is a large chandelier in the middle of the room. Situated below is where guest would be seated on cushioned sofas surrounding each other for socialising and entertainment. This room is ideal for entertaining guests as its very spacious and is connected to the kitchen area for easy access for food and beverages. rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_06 The Kitchen is laced in Calcatta  grey and white marble along with trickled brass fittings. The colour tones of this kitchen are black, grey white and brass. In the centre of the kitchen is an marble island for food preparation and includes a eating area at one end with four luxurious velvet chairs. rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_03 Up the stairs are the bedrooms one of which is the master bedroom. A lighter colour scheme of creams, greys, brass and a touch of brown can be seen in the bedroom. This room is equipped with additional features such as a fireplace, television, bathroom, walk in wardrobe. rsz_1rafauli-toronto-house-tour_02 rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_08 To see more please go to ferrisrafauli.com.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs






These premises were built originally in 1961 on Lake Placid, New York and were later renovated in 1980 but was unfortunately closed for numerous years. Branding agency Tag Collective teamed up with architects Mapos and transformed this old fashioned hotel for its reopening.  rsz_2265555_orig The location the hotel is situated is surrounded by forests, a lake and hiking trails which are visitor friendly for all guests, including dogs which are warmly welcomed. The Hotel was renamed the Lake House due to its cozy cabin like feel. It has 44 rooms which are all completed with patio or balcony to enjoy the iconic Lake Placid views.  rsz_ext_2 Tag Collective conducted an intensive re-branding  which led to an overall theme for the Lake House. They took inspiration from the natural elements surrounding the vicinity such as the local trails. Each room is named after one of the area’s 46 High Peaks. Tag Collective designed a custom postcard that gives the history of that particular peak for each individual room.  rsz_destin-lake-house-tag-collective-1 Another aspect of branding that Tag Collective created was a colour and design theme throughout the hotel and online. The theme of wood can be seen throughout the hotel along with the colour rustic red which give’s a warming and modern feel.
rsz_lake-house-at-high-peaks-resort-lake-placid-021-76836-960x480 rsz_unique-lapin-photography-lake-placid-11 Rental equipment is available for outdoor activities at the hotel but if that isn’t for you the Lake House has a indoor and outdoor pool as well as a hot tub for relaxation or visit the bar and take in the breathtaking views from the comfort of the indoors.  rsz_o For more information please go to www.highpeaksresort.com

“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.” – John Burroughs

St Leon 10

St Leon 10 blends the requirements of everyday family life whilst also providing the perfect entertainment quarter for large social gatherings.

“Design is a balance between form and function…it takes two.” Seesaw

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, St Leon 10 allows for exceptional views towards the 12 Apostle Mountains, Clifton Beaches and Robben Island. The building itself is cut into the slope with approximately 50% of its rear face below the natural ground level. The upper level rests above the essentially glazed South West facing first floor and this emphasizes the height of the building in relation to the adjacent ground level.

The linear design of this house means that all rooms offer spectacular sea views and the back of the house is completely private thanks to the steel framed timber screen. Off the street access is also available through a set of heavy timber gates.

The entrance of the house leads onto the main living area that includes two lounges, dining room and kitchen. The modern stairs unfold like an accordion; leading up to both the second floor and bedroom levels. The ground floor is accessed through the same stairwell and accommodates a spacious entertainment room with a statement sunken lounge, back-lit onyx bar and wine cellar. A gym and second guest room are also situated on this lowest level.

PS_3 ST LEON 002

ANTONI ASSOCIATES were chosen as the interior decorators. The interiors achieve both welcoming and warm vibes through the use of soft cream leathers and weathered timber finishes. The use of selected fabrics and other key pieces add a sense of luxury to this space.

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They say that you can’t have it all, but perhaps with this house – you can.

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