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Outside a small village in the Czech Republic stands this energy saving timber clad home by ASGK Design. The original idea from this home came from the client’s son who imagined the family’s home facing a large oak tree on their spacious land. rsz_untitled2 The wooden cladding on the outside of this home used a “burn and stain” technique in order to make the wood longer lasting against weathering. Not only is the exterior laced in wood but so is the interior. The interior is decorated with dark and light tones of wood for the floors, walls and ceiling. The ceiling and walls are mainly plywood which is when thin layers of wood veneer are glued together with adjacent layers making them strong and thin. rsz_untitled3 rsz2 This open planned home consists of a dining lounge, garden, kitchen, patio, stairs, loft, bathroom, office and bedrooms. The kitchen is connected to the bathroom, large dining area and would be a perfect location to host guests as it is very spacious. Large wooden sliding doors connect the patio to the dining room and kitchen and are a way to open the home to the surrounding nature. rsz_33 Upstairs leads to the two bedrooms on opposite wings of this home which overlook the beautiful scenery. A small office area is also situated on the second level of this home as it peaceful and calm unlike the busy kitchen down below. rsz1 rsz_1untitled2 Although the home seems small it is very compact with everything the family may need. Including their own energy source. The roof is angled in a way to obtain maximum amounts of solar energy. Not only is it important to use solar energy but to also conserve it, this energy sufficient home was built in a way that the walls would keep moisture out and heat in so that less energy would be used to heat the home. rsz3 For more information please go to www.asgk.cz

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” – Gary Snyder


The Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge is located in Okavango Delta in Botswana and is a magnificent piece of design by UK based architects Michaelis Boyd and Nichola Plewman architects. Its curvy wooden shape is designed to form a rare native armadillo, the Pangolin. rsz_portada_sandibe_dook_018 In the surrounding areas are the sandy Botswana’s desert plains and thickly wooded vegetation filled with animals such as herds of antelope and a glimpse of other wild animals in their natural habitat. rsz_main_area_ground_floor_plan_copy This beautiful lodge is spread over 11,500 SQF and is built with materials that are biodegradable due to the Okavango Delta being declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only is it built with biodegradable materials but it is also run on solar power and other renewable energy sources. rsz_sandibe_dook_007 rsz_sandibe_dook_004 The exterior of this lodge is detailed with shingles on the roof to replicate the scales of the native Pangolin. This detail gives a more creative touch to the overall design. rsz_sandibe_dook_099 The interior of this structure is composed of curved beams which give the look of the armadillo’s ribs. The structure opens at the sides to allow light and to reveal beautiful views of the surrounding areas. rsz_sandibe_dook_005 90% of the project consists of multiple types of wood for different purposes. The roof is shingled in cedar wood from Canada due to its quality while the walls are laced with South African pine. rsz_sandibe_dook_102 The flooring of this lodge is decked out with Brazilian hardwood and Australian eucalyptus as they require little or no maintenance and are very durable for everyday life. In bungalows Zambian hardwood is used for sink vanities and was recycled from the previous lodge that was on site before Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge was reconstructed. rsz_sandibe_dook_066 rsz_sandibe_dook_010 rsz_sandibe_dook_009 For more information please go to www.expertafrica.com

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness” – John Muir


Originality is defined as having the ability to think independently and creatively which Andrew and Ryan Beltran the founders of the Original Grain have done with their beautiful collection of handcrafted wooden watches. Every watch is handcrafted from a selection of sustainably sourced exotic hardwood.  rsz_s02_wrist_classic_maple_black_steel_8642 The watch range is inspired by its roots in the Pacific Northwest as all the watches keep their wooden characteristics. The different types of wood used are rosewood, Burl, Sapele, Maple, Zebrawood and Ebony. rsz_jim-beam-x-original-grain-bourbon-oak-barrel-wood-watch-the-dapifer-5 The top three favourites are; The Classic, Alterra Chrono and The Barrel. Each watch is made of the finest natural wood and is sometimes matched with other materials such as steel. rsz_original_grain_jim_beam_9 rsz_jim-beam-original-grain-watch-3 The Classic is handcrafted using Rosewood and Chrome, it is decorated with roman numerals and the Original Grain logo. It has hardened mineral crystal glass which is scratch resistant, stainless steel butterfly clasp and a water-resistant case. rsz_rosewood_classic_wrist Alterra Chrono is composed of Burl Wood and silver. It has many features such as two function chronographs, stop watch, luminescent hands and has a Sapphire glass face. rsz_p06_161019_chrono_wrist_0129 The Barrel is matte black with touches of brown Sapele wood but also comes in a selection of other styles. It has many features which range from its Matte black stainless steel, water-resistant, Japanese Miyota Quartz movement and mineral crystal glass which is scratch resistant. rsz_s03_wrist_barrel_sapele_black_steel_8710_f815281a-a564-4595-be0c-e24f9a23aa80 The Original Grain have created a unique time piece for every occasion in different styles and designs for their clients. And while doing this they have also given back tremendously to the environment. For every watch sold ten trees are planted which generates more jobs and greenery that are cherished around the world. rsz_headtft For more information please go to originalgrain.com

“Let originality define you” – Original Grain


Self taught Irish designer Joseph Walsh creates innovative furniture and abstract art that can be seen and bought across the world. He takes his inspiration from the growth of nature resulting in his exquisite pieces being made from large wooden blocks that are carved out into many different pieces of furniture or artistic structures.  rsz_2014-10-18_lif_3919543_i5 Joseph has created signature pieces by stripping down wood into thin sheets and reconstructing them in abstract forms that resemble natural elements such as vines, seashells, stones and more. rsz_2014-10 He has many different enchanting series of art such as the Lilium, Enignum, Erosion series and many more. In his work, he aims to explore the differences between ordered and chaotic. rsz_3445 The Enignum series has many wooden pieces but the most intriguing piece is the Canopy bed which gives off the impression of a protected sleeping pod. The wood is used as a base for the mattress but continues to mimic a tree growing over the bed where it drapes white curtains. Only five of these beds have been hand made in his collection by using the wood species Ash. rsz_2014 Another bespoke piece is the shelf; it is made entirely of thin sheets of wood which are manipulated to twist and turn into a manmade structure while keeping its overall natural look. The wood used is Olive Ash and has a White Oil finish. The name Enignum comes from two Latin words Enigma meaning mystery and Lignum meaning wood. rsz_enignumvishelf_2_low1536_l His cork based studio was founded in 1999 and is made up of highly experienced craftsmen and design technicians. rsz_24 rsz_2014-10-18_lif_3919542_i4 For more information please go to www.josephwalshstudio.com

“The things I make may be for others, but how I make them is for me.” – Tony Konovaloff


This apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was designed by Nu Infinity. Their client was a photographer who travelled and wanted a home focused on natural elements to return to after his travels. The three natural elements used were high quality materials such as solid wood, real stone and plants. Tones such as browns, creams, greens can be seen throughout this home. rsz_7 On arrival to this home you walk in upon the living room which has a dark wooden ceiling as well as two feature walls made up of either stone or foliage. Spectacular views can be seen from the floor to ceiling windows giving a feel that this apartment is situated on the canopy of tree’s. rsz_4 rsz_6 rsz_-5 Next to the living room is the dining room which also has a large foliaged plant wall which gives the room a pop of colour. The large dining table is made of wood and seats eight people. rsz_2 rsz_ The master bedroom has wooden flooring throughout. In between two large black feature walls is the bed on one side with a plant backboard and the large flat screen television opposite it. To the left of the bed is a lounge area which has wooden seating overlooking Kuala Lumpur. The walls here are composed of wood and plant. rsz_11 rsz_12 The photographers wardrobe is anything but small and even has its own ensuite. The walk in wardrobe is open planned with wooden flooring and wooden storage. It is brightly lit with florescent lighting and a reflective black ceiling. rsz_19 From the wardrobe we have the ensuite which is equipped with a deep bath, sink, toilet and shower. The shower doors and walls are made of glass to give a more spacious feel. The walls are tiled for easy cleaning and durability. rsz_15 The second bedroom is smaller in size but has a large bed alongside a work desk and chair which are by the large windows. The feature wall is decorated with a stylish stencilled print design. rsz_20 rsz_16 The guest bedroom has a bed up against the wooden feature wall which gives the room a Indonesian feel. A wooden desk and chair are situated at the window with a light which hangs from the ceiling. rsz_18 rsz_17 For more information please go to www.nuinfinity.com

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”- Albert Einstein