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Outside a small village in the Czech Republic stands this energy saving timber clad home by ASGK Design. The original idea from this home came from the client’s son who imagined the family’s home facing a large oak tree on their spacious land. rsz_untitled2 The wooden cladding on the outside of this home used a “burn and stain” technique in order to make the wood longer lasting against weathering. Not only is the exterior laced in wood but so is the interior. The interior is decorated with dark and light tones of wood for the floors, walls and ceiling. The ceiling and walls are mainly plywood which is when thin layers of wood veneer are glued together with adjacent layers making them strong and thin. rsz_untitled3 rsz2 This open planned home consists of a dining lounge, garden, kitchen, patio, stairs, loft, bathroom, office and bedrooms. The kitchen is connected to the bathroom, large dining area and would be a perfect location to host guests as it is very spacious. Large wooden sliding doors connect the patio to the dining room and kitchen and are a way to open the home to the surrounding nature. rsz_33 Upstairs leads to the two bedrooms on opposite wings of this home which overlook the beautiful scenery. A small office area is also situated on the second level of this home as it peaceful and calm unlike the busy kitchen down below. rsz1 rsz_1untitled2 Although the home seems small it is very compact with everything the family may need. Including their own energy source. The roof is angled in a way to obtain maximum amounts of solar energy. Not only is it important to use solar energy but to also conserve it, this energy sufficient home was built in a way that the walls would keep moisture out and heat in so that less energy would be used to heat the home. rsz3 For more information please go to www.asgk.cz

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” – Gary Snyder


Architectural designer Ferris Rafauli has created this luxurious home in Toronto which is worth 34.2 Million euro (50 million Canadian dollars) for one of his elite clientele. Ferris is responsible for the lavish interiors as well as the layout of the home which includes indoor theatres, pools, master ensuites, walk in wardrobes and more. rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_05 The living room has warm tones such as browns, creams and some grey which is a colour pattern seen throughout this home. The chocolate brown velvet sofas give us a cosy feel as they surround a large open fireplace. The room is filled with natural light from its three French doors which can be opened to let in crisp fresh air. No aspect was missed when designing this living room as the intricate roof is also an amazing feature of this home. rsz_1rafauli-toronto-house-tour_01 The second floor overlooks onto another living room which has 25 foot walls and windows that have a beautiful view of the Lake Ontario. Hanging from the roof is a large chandelier in the middle of the room. Situated below is where guest would be seated on cushioned sofas surrounding each other for socialising and entertainment. This room is ideal for entertaining guests as its very spacious and is connected to the kitchen area for easy access for food and beverages. rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_06 The Kitchen is laced in Calcatta  grey and white marble along with trickled brass fittings. The colour tones of this kitchen are black, grey white and brass. In the centre of the kitchen is an marble island for food preparation and includes a eating area at one end with four luxurious velvet chairs. rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_03 Up the stairs are the bedrooms one of which is the master bedroom. A lighter colour scheme of creams, greys, brass and a touch of brown can be seen in the bedroom. This room is equipped with additional features such as a fireplace, television, bathroom, walk in wardrobe. rsz_1rafauli-toronto-house-tour_02 rsz_rafauli-toronto-house-tour_08 To see more please go to ferrisrafauli.com.

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This beautiful lakefront chalet, known as the Cedrus Residence, is located in Harrington, Quebec, Canada and was designed by the design firm ‘BOOM TOWN.’ The skillful architect in charge of the entire project was Eric Joseph Tremblay. Untitled-9 This lakefront chalet follows the shape of the sloping landscape, allowing it to be shielded by a cluster of majestic mature incline of trunk trees. This unique and functional position allows the home to naturally blend into the surrounding environment.  Untitled-11 The exterior is covered in stone, which minimizes the visual impact of the chalet to its natural surroundings. From within, guests can  absorb the stunning views of the reflective lake through enormous full view windows, which let in the beautiful natural light. Untitled-10 The sloped roof is covered with a zinc finished steel that turns toward the ground portraying a manner of a protective case. The entrance to the chalet is located on the main level, accessed via a large outdoor sheltered porch which leads to the front door. Untitled-6    Untitled-5 The other levels facilitates for the living spaces, such as the living room, bathroom, toilet, bedrooms, kitchen and a dining room. The spacious terrace next to the master bedroom displays the view of the deep blue lake in the surrounding landscape. Untitled-4 This unique residence illustrates how architects can intertwine an unusual landscape into the design of the building itself without disturbing the landscapes natural shape. Untitled-17

For more information go to designmilk.com

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The Bal House is an existing mid-century Californian house that has been renovated and a single-story extension added to it. A retired couple, who desired a single-story home with open space, hired Terry & Terry Architecture to construct the renovation. Untitled-12 The newly designed Bal House is now completely open planned which integrates the living space with the rear garden to create a domestic extension filled with natural light. Untitled-3 This new spacious extension designates the bedroom to the west which is extended towards the garden in the form of a wood tube to facilitate for an additional bedroom. The open planned living and kitchen area are located to the east. The two wings split from the original structure to generate a glass-clad fissure in between. The main space produces large openings that open out onto the rear garden. This empty space between the extensions brings the garden inwards, to the core of the house. Untitled-5 Untitled-6 Untitled-7   The original Bal House structure, which has a music room, a bathroom and two bedrooms was kept but renovated. A steel window seat was added to the front bedroom, replacing a smaller existing window in order to enhance the natural light. Untitled-10 Untitled-4 The front porch was renovated making it more spacious with hardwood decking connecting to the newly added driveway. Due to changes in the structure of the house, the original fireplace had to be reconstructed. A hallway and  storage wall was built into the core of the structure to engage the new extension with the existing structure. Untitled-9 Untitled-8

For more information go to terry&terryarchitecture.com

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.”
John Ed Pearce



It’s just another usual day in sun-kissed Monaco, where the super-rich cruise down the boulevard in their high end luxury sports cars and waiting along side them, their gigantic yachts docked in the harbor. But there is a new arrival to this hot spot of global wealth, thanks to Monaco architect Alexandre Giraldi, The anticipated Odeon Tower. Tour Odéon is the first new skyscraper to have been built in Monaco since the 1980s. fee It is ranked as one of the tallest residential towers in Europe at 170 meters and if that wasn’t enough, it’s topped with the most expensive penthouse in the entire world. The luxury “Sky Penthouse” will cost a staggering 332 million for its new owners. Untitled-5 Twenty six of the two hundred and fifty apartments have already been snapped up, while buyers of the upper duplexes and magnificent penthouse are expected to be Russian. The Penthouse is worth every cent as the view is astonishing overlooking events such as  the Monaco Yacht Show, which unfolds a ten minute drive away in Port Hercules. Untitled-2 Untitled-7 Untitled-4 For those who have it all, the Odeon Tower has just little bit more. The penthouse has its own cinema, sauna, gym, library,  bar plus a master bedroom the size of two and a half tennis courts , spread over 35,500 sq. ft. It also has a slide which descends from the balcony into the private infinity pool making it a millionaire’s playground. On top of all that, the building will offer its residents a private chauffeur and a 24/7 concierge service. Untitled-3 Untitled-6 The tables are upholstered with the skin of stingrays and the luxury handcrafted floors are by Ebony and Co. On the rooftop of the Odeon, hot tubs will bubble away next to the trickling waterfalls. At night the atmosphere is transformed from relaxation by the pool to fun energetic vibes in your own nightclub, complete with a marble dance floor.

Below is a conceptual walk through, illustrating the luxury of the Odeon Penthouse.

For more information go designboom.com

‘Luxury is in each detail’ – Hubert De Givenchy