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This month  | Focus | features Toyota’s unique “Setsuna”

Toyota’s Setsuna is the most unique car to debut this year and this classic styled car is made almost entirely of wood. The car was called Setsuna, meaning “moment” in Japanese, to reflect that cars contribute to the lives and memories of people. rsz_setsuna_0020 The Wood used to craft this little roadster was Japanese Cedar, Zelkova and Birch. It was crafted by using only traditional Japanese carpentry techniques that don’t involve the use of nails. rsz_setsuna_0010 The body of the car is made of 86 bespoke handmade wooden panels, each of which are secured tightly together by traditional Japanese interlocking techniques called Okuriari and Kusabi. rsz_setsuna_0150 rsz_setsuna_0190 The exterior panels are made of Japanese Cedar due to its flexibility, while Japanese birch is used for the vehicle’s frame because of its rigidity. On the inside the seats are made out of Japanese Zelkova, which is a wood often used for the crafting of ornaments. rsz_setsuna_0290 The craftsmanship of  the Setsuna is more of a work of art than it is a car. This is a car you’d want to pass down to the next generation, not as a beat up first car but as a family heirloom. A very special feature of this car would be the dial on the dashboard that counts time in hours, days and years, this is a tracker for your grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren to know exactly how old the car is. This adds more sentimental value to the vehicle for the next generation of the family tree.  rsz_setsuna_0270 rsz_setsuna_0210 rsz_setsuna_0250 The company has said that the wood’s characteristics will change over time, depending on how the car is looked after. Factors that would cause the change in characteristics would be the temperature and humidity levels it is exposed to. The idea is that as the Setsuna ages, it’ll change and pick up the personalities of its owners and the everyday lives they lived. rsz_setsuna_0300 Considering the extraordinary and ever-growing market for classic cars and renovations this is a timeless piece not to be missed.

For more information please go to newsroom.toyota

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